These are my creative passion...

My signature "Cello Cabernet's

the finest, the rarest, and the most beautiful musical 'instruments' in the world!


These magnificent creations are the product of one years dedicated labour of love... 

Two years of meticulous development,..

 and 17 years of research...


They are completely hand made, each body is 70 pounds of 100% laminated maple on solid hardwood and the unique fret is made of solid and rare, 

 Papua New Guinea Purple Heart...



These delicious instruments of musical joy are a treasure, 

The only 'Cabernets' in existence...


A True Collectors  Item.


The signature fret's took 4 months to create...Every inch was lovingly and painstakingly hand carved and crafted to perfection.


The rich color tone and sweet accent is actually a rose burgundy which fades to a burnt cherry edge, then carefully sealed in 3 coats of clear polished lacquer. 


Their sonic accuracy is better than any live performance...because,


The sweet spot... 


at the concert,..

 Is in your home.


Specs',  30cps to 40Kcps +/- 3db, 93db/w/m (without sub woofer) 16cps to 40Kcps @99db/w/m (with sub)

The Cello's come with a certificate of unique authenticity



Thank you


Josef Tyls 








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