The finest Water Purification System Available.

In 1992 I Reengineered Nicola Tesla's original ozone technology 

and the following year incorporated Ozonifier Industies Inc. 


The TDS Original 

"100% All Glass, Cold Plasma Ozone Generator" 

based on Tesla's original technology 


The model 2001 will purify 1 gallon in 20 minutes- Total output at 1/32 liter per minute flow rate 20 Micrograms/CC  


This high output unit is designed for continues use with wet steam sauna and Jacuzzi hot tubs systems


This unit produces 39 ug/cc at 1/4 Lpm

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This marvelous "Cold Plasma" design is based upon Nicola Tesla's ingeniously superior system, which is free of all these problems :

No heat!

 No UV lamps to replace! 

No corona plates to clean or replace! 

No metallic solenoids in the gas stream! 

No mechanical parts to fail from basic use!

No servicing needed.. . Ever !

Cold plasma technology is the way of the future, and it is  available today....

It is manufactured using only the best components available in order to provide years of fault free service

The Benefits

 The TDS generator, through the use of modern components in a new and unique efficient design creates an indefinite and consistent output gas stream of "Ultra pure oxygen/ ozone" free of oxide contaminants found in all other generators and is completely free of heat related attrition.  It is manufactured to the highest standards allowing an indefinitely life span of the ozone cell ( when used as directed ) 

The redesigned Tesla system is made with the best 'medical grade' tubing, lab grade Teflon connectors, 100% pure Glass elements and UL approved electronics and controls.  

Unlike other units that use solenoids and valves in the flow of the oxygen and ozone gas, which create metallic and other particulates. 

OR... Corona discharge, which create ionized metallic particles which contaminate the gas stream.  

OR... ultraviolet units, which degrade with the length of time in operation of the system, producing continuously  less total ozone output over the life of the UV lamp which usually lasts only 400 hours.


These beautifully hand crafted units are extremely effective and 'simple to operate'.   They have been in production since 1992. 

None have ever failed to consistently produce the factory calibrated amount of ozone or failed due to wearing out...  

100% Natural Organic Skin Care

" Carb-Oxy-Hydrate"


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 The Fine distributors which carry our product,  

OxyZap Texas, USA 

Country Health  North Vancouver, BC 604-988-1515


The History of "Oxy-Gel"

In 1993 I developed a unique binding process to combine ozonated oxygen to olive oil creating a product was rightly named, "Natures Gift"

Today the ultimate skin salve is produce d  using its further developed proprietary process, employing updated modern technology and higher quality organic oils, produced from

100% Organic,  Pesticide free, GMO free, Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy, extracted in an air free environment, bottled into hermetically sealed containers' which is placed in a controlled environment  and saturated for 900 hours with absolutely pure oxygen/ozone, thereby bonding and super saturating oxygen/ozone into the olive oil to a very high level, more than 500%.
Once this process is complete the natural green color and liquid texture of the oil is converted into the recognizable solid white paste. It is at this point the product is bottled and refrigerated to maintain the super saturation level of oxygen.

*This finished product will last indefinitely stored in a refrigerator.

*Our refrigerated reference samples from 1993 are still perfectly functional when applied to the skin*

Its main purpose

 It is designed to be applied to the skin, in order to re-oxygenate tissue topically.

This topical ointment can be applied to:
Cuts, abrasions, wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis,
sun burns and heat burns

It has also been reported to us that our product has been used for
hair loss, nail fungus, athlete's foot, and gingivitis

In our own family we have had wonderful relief and good success with
diaper rash, head lice and the dreaded hemorrhoids...

Over the years we have had many customers with pet ailments tell us of there successful use of our product.

Medical information on Olive oil 


More wonderful information on extra virgin olive oil...

Olive oil has been used as a food and message oil for centuries.

Olive oil is a rich source of polyphenols, vitamin E, amino and essential fatty acids, gamma-linolenic acid, omega oils, and iodine and other natural free radical scavengers that prevent cellular damage.


The "E-Thera-P"


In 1994 I designed a solid state version of Tesla's Violet Ray 

which I call the "E-Thera-P" (energy-therapy-photons)

This devise utilizes a selectable frequency generator and high voltage discharge apparatus which can be safely applied to the skin for soothing sore muscles, aches and skin irritations.


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