The Grand Architect's Signature

1.618  : 1 :  .618

Awake and aware of actions, emotions, of one's surroundings and identity"
All living creations exhibit this fundamental truth.

Enlightenment is an art whereby the observer discovers that which is apparent.
A Fact that is..
A realization of events that utilize absolute logic of order, from chaos...
Which is not an interpretive approximation based upon hypothetical constructs.

Within and upon our three dimensional material constructs,
mathematical laws apply which correspond to the harmony of the energy upon which the universe is created and maintained.
1 is equal to 1

The logarithmic order of Squares

 10 to the power of ...

where 1 becomes 2 and then 4 and then 8 and then 16 

'phi' the sixteenth letter in the Greek Alphabet,
is the basis of the word philo, meaning 'Lover',
as in Philo/Sopher,
'Sophia', meaning wisdom
"Lover of wisdom"
which is best expressed in 'Geo-metri'
'The Measure of the Earth'
is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter
22/7 = 3.1428571

( 1.618 )
: 1 : ( .618 )
1.618/.618=( 1+1.618 )=( 1.618 X 1.618 )=2.618
2.618 X 12/10 3.1416 = phi
This is the same force which is named
'Sacred Geometry'
'Strange Attractors'
'Mandel Brock Sets'
'Fibonacci Numbers'
'Golden Proportion'
'Golden Ratio'
'Golden Mean'
'Golden Spiral'
'Chaos Theory'
'The Power of Limits'


Phylotaxis is the organizing Force of Nature (GOD-ESS) 

Pythagoras or better said Pythagoria 

IS the serpent in the garden, which is the Caduceus snakes around the staff of Mercury the messenger 
which is based upon the 'Ratio' or 'Logos' the 'Word' 

or better the Sound, which translates into frequency which expresses as energy 

forming reactions of

Pressure and then vacuum

Heat and then cold

Light and then dark

White and then black

Yin and then Yang

This is the universal principle of LIFE

upon which the
Human body 

The Earth


The Universe


built and realized.

Energy = matter =energy = matter... and so on

} E=M=E=M {