Choosing Complementary Cancer Treatments, Part I
by Roxanne Davies
Health Action, April/95


Weíre all breathing in less oxygen than our ancestors. The increase in diseases such as cancer and AIDS is due in large part to the proliferation of illnesses that thrive on fermentation, rather than oxygenation. Cancer cells are basically immature plant cells which thrive in the absence of oxygen. Oxygen therapies work on the premise that human tissues that are given extra oxygen can detoxify and eliminate the viruses, bacterias and other pathogens which cause illness.

 Last May, a Vancouver-based company, Ozonifier Industries, headed by Saul Pressman and Joseph Tyls III, organized the first Ozone Conference in BC and brought together for the first time, medical doctors, naturopaths, health therapists and patients to explore the benefits of ozone, a form of energized oxygen.

 The evidence for the benefits of ozone was compelling. Dr. Siegfrield Rilling, a founder of the International Ozone Association, related stories about the numerous patients he has helped with ozone. Dr. Michael Carpendale, a California physician, used a slide presentation to show how he cured AIDS patients with proper ozone protocol.

 As with many good things, there have been some unscrupulous people jumping on the bandwagon and promoting personal ozone machines but not giving proper instruction or follow-up to patients who buy the machines.

 According to the proponents of this modality, when used properly these machines can be an efficient and economic way to ozonate water for drinking and to create ozone for insufflation (rectal enemas). They encourage people to ask questions before they buy and to talk with patients who have used that particular machine.

 Itís now public knowledge that hyperbaric chambers, which deliver pressurized oxygen and cost $100,000, have speedily healed sports injuries and stopped the spread of the sinister flesh eating disease. Ozone is energized oxygen but they both do the same in the long run, according to Tyls. One difference is that ozone machines are much cheaper.

 Ozone therapy may not do much to fill the coffers of pharmaceutical companies but it has helped many patients and it is only hoped that the distribution system will steadily improve and become available for those who need it.

Why do cancer patients die?

 According to Dr. Nick Gonzales, a prominent Manhattan alternative physician who has had marked success with natural remedies, it is usually a combination of many factors ó a state of panic, the inability to make up oneís mind, and a lack of faith. If a person is panicky, the sympathetic nervous system turns on and it shuts down the blood supply to the liver and the digestive system. If you donít have a good blood supply, beneficial oxygen canít get to the diseased organ and tumors grow where there is no oxygen. If youíre in a state of panic find a way to stop the panic.

 Believe in whatever therapy you do, and follow through. Patients who try to play every angle never develop the faith and end up in a state of anxiety. Patients who do the best will choose a therapy and stick with it. He encourages all of his terminally ill patients to face death with equanimity.

 Personally, I believe in the Heidi cure. In that beloved childrenís story, Heidi cures her sickly friend Clara by taking her up to the mountains (oxygen therapy), gives her wholesome natural food (therapeutic diet) and gives her unconditional love (mind/body healing techniques).

 Sad but true, in our modern world, with its wealth of problems and choices, the simplest cures just may be the hardest to find.