In 1992 the first coil out of fidodito mugs from 7 eleven

Beer bottle capacitors

Tupper ware 

about 100,000 volts...or 8 inches of Arc.


In 1998 I built the #4 system


The number 4 perfectly tuned...output about 1,000,000 volts at 60 inches



This 3 coil system is producing 3 million volts (serious action...) over 156 inches of discharge!!! 

And yes, it is directly connecting with the radiant heating system on the ceiling!  OOPS!



The  magnificent #5 coil in all its splendor an estimated 4 million volts!



The heart of controlling lightening, a 65,000 watt control panel,

made from military surplus parts from some well known

Anti gravity research  labs...:-)