My Life Experiences 

My background in engineering started at a very early age... From the time I learned to walk I was fascinated by all technical systems. My father supported my fascination by bring home used mechanical measuring and monitoring devices from his work place, which was a design and testing facility for the transportation industry. My favorite hobby was using my 'real tool set', not a Fisher Price toy set,  to take apart and put back together these devices...I was 3 at the time.

By the time I was 9, one of my favorite places to explore was 'my supply yard...'( the local dump), and because we could only go there after working hours, it was a little scary when the local black bears would come and interrupt my salvage operations...

 From those many collection trips I accumulated a vast resource of mechanical and electronic hardware, including over 500 assorted radio and TV vacuum tubes, amplifiers, turntables and my favorite... speaker components, which I used to build some cool projects...

 I built my first big project, at the age of 10, which was a mass of speakers (20 units) that I had retrieved from my local supply yard, which I  wired under my bed frame under my bed and connected all of them to my tube radio...My first sonic bed!  Shortly after I built a 3 channel light organ, which flashed 300 Christmas lights in Mandela type patterns, orchestrated by the sound of the music... too cool!

At the age of 12, I bought my neighbors broken down, worn-out minibike... The machine was sold to me (cheap), because it didn't work. Well, loving a good challenge I completely rebuilt it, and to my neighbors amazement I rode the newly repaired and repainted minibike around the neighborhood.

In my first year in high school, having access to the wood working shop, I built my first set of hi fi speakers from solid Philippine mahogany, I wish I had saved at least a picture they looked great! 

At 14 I bought a motorcycle in a crate... I was told that all the parts were in the box... Well with a good years work and some extra parts... it came to life by the time I turned 15. The 1967 Yamaha YL1 100 twin, if I had kept it until now, would be a collectors item... I sold it to buy a 1971 Honda CB 350 twin, and again, yes it was a project bike... 

On my 17th birthday I finished my grade 10 high school project, I designed, cast and machined a "Super Charger" for my Honda CB350... My project was so bold that the whole industrial shop came to watch the final installation of my device, and see the first run... It was amazing how much power can be attained from such a small engine! In the year book, I am remembered for my "wheelies".

I sold the CB350, less of coarse the 'Super Charger', to buy the bike of my dreams at the time, that was in 1980..., A 1978 Honda Super Sport CB750F 

In 1984, Just after my 22nd birthday my life came to an abrupt change. I came close to a premature end, at the wheel of my freshly completed hotrod... 

My Life took on a whole new meaning...


After the incident, in a strange and unusual manner, which was never clearly explained or understood, my hearing was altered, leaving me grossly sensitive to sonic noise and distortion, phase inconsistencies, and phase aberrations. 

My ability to acutely hear these anomalies caused me gross discomfort any time I was exposed to electronically reproduced sound. 

So I became heavily involved in the audio research field as it relates to 'Sonics' and the effect of sound upon matter, the human body and the healing process. 

From my findings I developing my sound system based upon the ideas of "coherence and resolution"  which had filed my dreams... and I used this system to heal my physical and mental wounds. 

In early 1985 I started my proprietary consulting and  R&D company    

"Tyls Dynamic Systems"

In late 1985 I built my proprietary 

"Dimensional Sonic Imaging Reference Audio System ©™." 

Trade mark TDS 1985,1992,1998,2000,2004

In 1986 I flew to California to try to meet with George Lucas. My intention was to arrange a demo of my systems for THX consideration... (I had hoped that we could meet)

In 1986 I also started to work at my favorite ultra high end audio store, Commercial Electronics the audio junkies paradise...I worked there until 1990. 

In 1993/94 my line was carried by "Lee Systems" of Vancouver, which made headlines in the Sun news paper with the famous "Tommy Lee" sound bed entertainment system, which was my development.

Over the years I have put on many large venue parties with my system like "AIR WOLF" and "TECHNOMANIA 92" with outstanding success. After these events people have always shared with me how amazed they are... that there ears do not hurt or suffer from "ringing in the ears, which is my pleasure!

 In 1994 TDS sponsored the "Key –Ops" Rave at the Lux Theatre in Vancouver, B.C. 

The system composed of 16 amplifiers producing 

12,000 watts of continuous available power

twelve 18 inch Kevlar subs, sixteen 18 inch midbass drivers, sixteen 8 inch mids, twenty-four 4 inch mids, fifty-six compression tweeters, and twenty-eight supper tweeters...

The system efficiency was measured at 101 decibels at ONE meter distance from the system with ONE WATT of power being applied!

A techno junkies dream come true....

The event started at 9:00pm and ran continuously until 6:00am in the morning, averaging 112 dB all night. We enjoyed the live Dj's like "Trip Switch", " Filth" and others who mixed beats till midnight when our live Techno band "Sect" came on and blew away the crown with there début album... "Telekinetik" . Our hired security team showed up at 7:00pm wearing hearing protection, one the oldest gentlemen was in his 60's. As the sound tests were being performed they quickly came to remove their protection devices so that they could fully enjoy the experience...

In the morning, around 6:00 am we wound down the concert with the theme from 2001, with excited yells and screams from the audience to continue... We thanked them for coming and asked if anyone was suffering from ringing ears... They laughed and cried out, "We want MORE!" And as we were finishing dismantling the system for shipping, the elderly security guard shared with me that the music was not his style, but it was one of the most enjoyable events he had listen to, without ear plugs ... I smiled and thanked him.    

I only have one small regret, due to the old age of the building, I never had the opportunity to raise the power output past 30% because we encountered building structural integrity problems. At an average level of 114 decibels the old ceiling began to fail and fall apart, so attempting higher more exciting levels, which could have been easily attained, was not possible that night...


Through years of ongoing research and development I have developed unique therapeutic sonic beds and ultra high definition "True to Life" sound systems , which produce coherent sonic pictures that cause profound changes to the emotions, which effect the biology and physiology of the human body. This was the system I used to heal my body. 

 I have sold my unique hand crafted 'functional art' sound systems to audiophiles like John Boero, Glen Scheu, Kevin Head, Dr. Brian Carpenter, and Kerik Schultz  


His comment, "Thank you Josef. And thank you from all the people who have enjoyed your sound system at my home, including Richard Branson of 'Virgin Records' who said the sound quality was "brilliant, possibly the best he had ever heard".

A dream of Inspiration...

In the start of 2000 I spent the year designing and hand crafting my finest audio monitors to date, the first all maple hardwood "Blond Cello's", which are now in the home of my good friends John and Sally.


Keeping within the creative flow, I decided to create the next version of the Cello's from Purple Heart... 12 months later in 2001 the "Cello Cabernets' were born.




The Show of all Shows...

The TDS Digital Theatre presentations 

In November and December 98’, in the Judge McGill Theatre at the Robson Square Media Center, Vancouver, B.C.. The TDS sound technology was used in conjunction with Crown Amplifiers to powered the system, Electrohome professional VX7000 (now Christie Digital  Roadie S12) digital video projector was used for imaging, Telus provided the T1 phone connection and Bell Express View in Toronto provided the digital broadcast center.

Using the unique blend of proprietary hardware in concert with these other systems, we demonstrated a full screen 1080-I, live digital cinematic broadcast from Toronto to Vancouver via the phone system... We also demonstrated its DVD ability in front of a live audience with a board member of 21st Century Fox present.

This was one of the best performances of the system I have ever witnessed with many friends and colleges, having the best digital source material and a theater made of concrete! The demo started with a HDTV 1080I digital video recording of Peter Gabriel's song "Kiss the Frog". The audience enjoyed an experience that was truly one of the most memorable events... The visual experience was stunningly breathtaking and the sound quality incredible! The average sound pressure level during the show was metered at a whopping 114 dB in the back row of the theater! The concrete floor oscillated from the bass note frequencies and the clothes on your body fluttered... And NO ONE complained of hearing loss or ringing ears, in fact they asked to see it twice!  We showed the DVD version of "Godzilla" and made the floor oscillate so violently that it was felt in the upper floors of the complex. That theater will never be the same again!

  A comment made by one of the attendees, "This is really what I wanted… a sound system with no distortion and lots of power. I have never before heard this level of clarity. This, in my opinion, is one of those evolutionary, incremental changes, that is indeed significant."



Many people have asked me why an Industrial Engineer would be so educated in health.

A New Road to Health was a Necessity ...

In 1991 I became very ill and I found out that my health had been compromised due to years of working with industrial toxins and welding, and because of this

 Completely unrehearsed and unrelated by any association or coercion they brought to my attention information about Nicola Tesla. To my amazement I received the most incredible awakening, which cleared a way for my life purpose to unfold. 

In 1992 I resigned as a fulltime welder/fabricator and became directly involved in Mato Labs research under Dr. Carlos Fenton Mason, developing and encompassing health field related technologies.

That year I helped to create “Ozonifier Industries Inc.” in which I was a principle partner.

In 1992 I designed and built the first and only 'true', “Cold plasma ozone generator” which creates ‘Ultra pure long lattice ozone’ for the absolute purification of water 


The premise of the Ozonifier company was to inform and distribute information and facts about ozone and its application to water purification, biological dysfunction and prevention of dis-ease in animals and humans for doctors, vets and the public.

 The company sold the extremely reliable, and cost effective,  systems to researchers, doctors and individuals around the world.  1000's of units based on my system have been sold and they have never failed due to old age or wearing out...


In 1992 I developed a solid state, selectable frequency, adjustable gain, Noble Gas discharge, electrotherapy device called the "E-thera-P" based upon Nicola Tesla's Violet Ray and George Lakovski's multi wave oscillator. 


In 1994 I designed and built a number of low voltage electro-stim type devices for therapeutic applications like the micro size personal Schumann  frequency (7.83 cps) resonator and the Beck electro-pulse blood purifier and the Beck lymph degausser. 



In 1993 I developed a unique proprietary process of hyper saturating and bonding ultra pure oxygen/ozone in to olive oil, (which was sold by Ozonifier as "Natures Gift"). 


Oxygel is made from 100% Organic, Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin  Olive Oil from Italy 


Due to the nature of my research and the scope of information which I needed, in order to understand how the systems that I was designing integrated with the human body, I cultivated many good relationships and associations with biochemists, therapists, healers, health practitioners and doctors around the world. 

Through these close partnerships I acquired an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, and unique functions of pleomorphology in microbiology, as this relates to biological, bio-electric and bio-oxidative systems in nature.

Through my associated research  I became a member of the Occidental Institute Research Foundation in 1997  and in 2000 I was invited to participate in a certifying courses held in Baden Baden Germany.

 I hold certificates relating to organic biology and bio-oxidative technology, Darkfield microscopy and Enderlein's therapy. 

in 1994 'Ozonifier Industries Inc' sponsored the first medical ozone conference in North America 

In 1995 I parted ways with Ozonifier Ind. to pursue other opportunities and avenues.

In early 1994 I helped my mother and father start our family business Tyls Fabricating Services Ltd.   

where I have designed and fabricated many unique projects,

like the 1995 NNB (No Name Brand)750 twin custom motorcycle 

In late 1994 I designed, developed and my company fabricated the first hyper oxygenated mineral water, bottled water system called "Living Essence" producing 45 gallons per day of finished product, which was sold in the Vancouver area through "Capers" and "Choices" natural food markets

In 1996 I designed, developed and in 1997 Tyls Fabricating Services fabricated and installed  'The Phoenix' hyper oxygenated ultra pure water system, which is in use by the Avani Water Corp  producing 8640 gallons per 8 hour day.

By trade, hobby, and love, I fundamentally work as a practical design engineer and systems efficiency specialist. And sometimes welder/fabricator/electronics technician/mechanic/draftsman/ carpenter/ etc...   for my families company. Tyls Fabricating Services Ltd. has been in business since 1994 under the present name, yet in the same business since 1968, designing and fabricating industrial and transport machinery for all types of industry, including many unique systems for the movie industry. 

One of my all time favorite "Mechano Type" projects at 'Tylsfab' was designing and fabricating; the all steel, fire proof, 65 foot, 9000 pound, trolley based, parallelogram platform, camera crane and remote controlled fire proof camera box, used in the movie, "Fire Storm"

One of my favorite research subjects is my mentor "Nicola Tesla" the master of "Alternating Current", or AC power systems, which we use in our daily lives everyday. He invented over 90% of our modern electrical power systems including, power generation, power distribution, power utilization, radio, radar, microwave, radio remote control, time control, and levity...


I have been a keynote speaker and lectured at:

 “Cancer There Is Hope” with Byron Tyler in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton.

 “21st Century Medicine Today” Healthy Living Expo in Victoria, Vancouver, 

"Modern Alchemy" Coro Daniels TV Show, Calgary 

"Modern Alchemy" Roxanne Davies Radio show, Vancouver.

"Wholy Water" Canadian Society of Questers, Vancouver, Salmon Arm, BC.

"The Power of Thought" in Hay River, NWT

"The Four Elements of Health" in Vancouver

"Applied Healing Wisdom" Vancouver

"Successfully coping with chronic and Serious diseases",  San Diego


 In1994 I helped sponsor and participated as a speaker at

 “The first Medical Ozone Conference in Canada” at the Burnaby Inn B.C., Victoria, and Toronto. 


In 1996 "The Advance Water Sciences Symposium" in Texas, 


  I am a contributing writer,

 the Alive Books “Encyclopedia of Natural Healing” the chapter on bio-oxidative therapies 

A quarterly writer for "Alive Magazine"

 “The Story of Ozone” by Ozonifier Industries.

Currently I am writing “The Alchemy of Consciousness”.


I am a member of,

Occidental Research Institute Foundation

 The Holistic Intuition Society

Noetic Sciences


Presently I am working on my studies to complete my Masters in Healtheology 


And past member of,

 Health Action Network,

The Advance Water Sciences Institute USA,

Philosophers of Nature USA

The Canadian Society of Questers,


  To my credit I have been on numerous radio talk shows and on TV discussing ‘Consciousness, Water, Ozone and Food for General good health. I have been on the ‘Coro Daniel’s Show’ in Calgary discussing modern alchemy. On Co-op radio 102.7 FM and 1040 AM in Vancouver with Roxanne Davies discussing health and wellness in today’s society .

I have taken many health related, and personal consciousness development, courses over 20 years that include,

The Forum,


Time Line Therapy,

Reiki level 1,

Touch for Health

Basic Hypnosis,


Hydro therapy


Applied essential oils 

 Therapeutic Message therapy,

Applied Ozone therapy, Baden Baden, Germany

Applied Biological Medicine, Baden Baden, Gmbh

Darkfield Microscopy

Pleomorphology and Cyclogeny

 Enderlein's Therapy in Practice

Basic Isopathic Therapy


I have participated in a number of 'self development' work shops which include; 

Dr Carolyn Larkin's "Prosperity and Abundance Workshop"

Dr. Sharon Forrest's "Emotional Rescue Course" 

Louis L. Hay workbook and tapes-'Love Yourself, Heal your life "Loving the forgotten child within",

Neil Donald Walsh seminar "Conversations with God" 

Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’

Books that I have read that relate to my studies include,

Dr. Walter Russell- "The Universal One", "Messages from the Divine Illiad Vol.1&2 

Richard Gerber-"Vibrational Medicine", 

Lorna Vanderhaeghe-The Immune System Cure

Victor Schauberger -"Nature was my Teacher" 

Stan Tenen- Dance of the Hebrew Letters, Thinking Aloud,

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz-"Healing Codes"

Richard Bach-"One", and  "Illusions", 

John Gray-"Men are from Mars Women are from Venus",

Gary Zukav 'Dancing with Wu Li masters', and  "The seat of the soul", 

JAMES REDFIELD - "The Celestine Prophecy", and  "The Tenth Insight", 

Deepak Chopra-"Quantum Healing", and "The Way of the Wizard", 

Neil Donald Walsh-"Conversations with God", and "Friendship with God", 

Barbara Ann Brennan-"Hands of Light", and 'Light Emerging" 

Dr. Stanislav Grof-"The Holotropic Mind", and " Psychotherapy" 

Michael Talbot-"The Holographic Universe" 

Dan Millman-" The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" 

Dr.Raymond Moody- "Reunions" 

Barbara Marciniak-" Family of Light" 

Jacob Liberman-"Take off Your Glasses and See"

Paul Twitchell-"The Tigers Fang"


Carlos Castaneda/The Art of Dreaming: “With inorganic beings, the secret is not to fear them. And this must be done from the beginning. The intent one has to send out to them has to be of power and abandon. In that intent one must encode the message ‘I don’t fear you. Come see me. If you do, I’ll welcome you. If you don’t want to come, I’ll miss you.’ With a message like this, they’ll get so curious that they’ll come for sure.”



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