In the beginning was the light, 

 Then it was said, came the sound 

of the big bang...

TDS Custom Audio Products are built to suit the most demanding critical listener... 


Please Note: All custom audio equipment seen on this page was made to order 

TDS holds no stock or inventory


Through years of ongoing research and development into ultra high definition audio. TDS has developed "True to Life, Sonic Imaging" monitors.

This is the Reference Mk3c audio monitor developed in 1992 

the end result from the Mk3T research and development. (see below)

Band width = 20 cycles/second to 40,000 cps 

 94dB/watt/meter @ 100 cps

They have been witnessed and verified by independent audio engineers TEST RESULT

and critical listeners alike, and all agree... 

The finest hand made Audio monitors.


These are the white Reference Mk3c, one of only 3 pairs which exist.


The white TDS Mk IIIc Reference Monitors 

with the Crown Studio Reference II  ( 565 watts per channel into 4 ohms )


One set of TDS white Ref 3's are at Crown labs facility in Elhart Indiana. 



This picture is of the TDS Sonic Bed and the TDS Reference Mk3c monitors

created in 1992 to facilitate research in to "Psycho-Acoustic field Immersion" ©™ TDS 2002

 The sound bed system with Mk3c monitors

I couldn't thank you enough for the experience I have had on 
your sound bed. Lying on the bed passed me into a sound induced 
dream state that was unlike anything I have ever experienced. 
It was like being in a conscious dream state, becoming 
completely relaxed and drifting off into a dream world, without 
actually falling asleep. Thank you ever so much for that 

Kevin Head


In a unique dream of inspiration!

The evolution of the Reference Mk3c ... 

The hand made TDS ' 2000 Blond Cellos'  


These Cello's are matched with a BAT 30Se pre amp and Crown Ref 1 power amp


These are my Passion

The TDS ' 2001 Cello Cabernets' hand made from PPNG Purple Heart


 With the Crown Studio Reference 1:  1,190 watts per channel into 4 ohms.  



This hand crafted oak system was made for my friend 

the artist Spar Street ... 

His comment,

"Thank you Josef. And thank you from all the people who have enjoyed your sound system at my home, including Richard Branson of 'Virgin Records' who said the sound quality was "brilliant, possibly the best he had ever heard".  


Created in 1985

The only way to experience Pure Audio Power!



'Master Kenetic 3dimentional Transdimensional Audio System'

This was the original concept system in 1985, 1/2 of the Key-ops rave system at the Lux theater, 

One of only two systems ever made...


Hi Josef,

Thank you very much for the sound system demonstration.

I was totally impressed.

The clarity is unbelievable and the comfort level was what impressed me.

I have sensitive ears that do not care for loud music from regular sound systems but your digital sound was completely comfortable.

The ability to talk at the same time and not have to strain my ears was amazing.

Thank you again and I hope that someday we will be able to hear this technology  in theaters where everyone will be fortunate enough to experience your sound system the way I have.



Malcolm Smith



The Ultimate Club System

Kevlar and Carbon fiber technology...

120 decibels of pure clear power, with enough bass to loosen the tightest impaction... 

How do we spell sonic relief ? 

TDS !  That's how...


Vance Campbell
Vice President Operations and Finance
The Granville Entertainment Group
His comment, 

"I have heard the finest in audio equipment and, for my ear, yours is the best. Hearing music through your system has added dimension to each recording that I cannot imagine I would have 
experienced any other way."



The Ultimate Concert System

The 94' Key-Ops System 

Imagine going to a concert and not having your ears hurt and ring after... 

Imagine being in a pool of sound so pure your body feels electrified with joy... 


"There is absolutely no effort or fatigue when listening to this system. It virtually drifts you off into another ‘natural’ space." 

Norm Kilarski 



The TDS Digital Cinema System

The 1998 TDS Digital Theatre presentations 

Hollywood said it could not be done in 1998, 5 years away from happening ... 

Well the proof is in the eating! 

In November and December 98’, in the Judge McGill Theatre at the Robson Square Media Center, Vancouver, B.C.. The TDS sound technology was used in conjunction with Crown Amplifiers to powered the audio system, Electrohome professional DPL VX7000 (now Christie Digital  Roadie S12) digital projection system, JVC 1080I digital video recorder and playback system was used for imaging, Leitch Juno 6500 up-converter , Powerware  UPS power line filters, Telus  provided the T1 phone connection, and Bell Express Vu  in Toronto provided the digital broadcast center.


I also want to thank you for the experience at the Robson 
Square Media Center. Hearing Peter Gabriel's "Kiss the Frog" 
reproduced through the sound system was intense. I have never 
heard bass reproduced with such commanding authority and clarity 
without drowning out the mid or high range frequencies. I could 
feel the bass shake my body but it was in a non-violent manner, 
never did I feel "threatened" by its presence.
Every time I think of the experiences I have had with your sound system it brings a smile to my face, Thank you

From Kevin Head


The Sonic Temple Project 2009 -2011

The proprietary audio Technology is comprised of:

ALL custom 'hand made' monitors and totally modified 'to spec' audio equipment with more than 100 transducers powered by 10 PURE AUDIOPHILE QUALITY AMPLIFIERS equaling more than 15,000 watts of pure clean acoustic power.

Frequency response-16 to 40,000 cycles per second

System Efficiency- 101 decibels with 1 watt @ 1 meter

Total sonic distortion is less than 0.05%

The result... PURE AUDIO BLISS :-) at any listening level with ABSOLUTELY NO LISTENING DISCOMFORT OR HEARING CHALLENGES creating profound physiological, mental,  emotional and spiritual shifts.